How To Dress Up With The Witch Hat?

An evil witch is an option if you’re having trouble coming up with a Halloween costume. You can add your unique touches to this timeless costume, and it’s simple to put together! Prepare for a fun Halloween evening by choosing your outfit with witch hat, applying your makeup, and grabbing your broomstick.

To finish your look put on a pair of black boots or shoes

You can wear any black shoes; however, traditional witches typically wear pointed boots. Black shoes or high tops can be appropriate if you want to project a more contemporary witch vibe. Some black shoes match with Halloween witch hat could complete your look if your witch is from the past. Keep your footwear simple and flat if you’re going trick-or-treating so you can walk easily. Put on a pair of black stilettos if you’re going to a party and want to appear a bit posher.

For a striking entrance, add a cape or cloak

A cloak may not worn by all witches, but it might give your look a touch of sinister sophistication. If you want everyone in the room to stop and look as you arrive, tie a black cape around your neck with witch hat headband in head and let it hang behind you. A witch from the Victorian era would look great with a black velvet cape, whereas a witch from now would look great with a black cotton cloak. In a nearby costume shop, you can look for black capes and the  witch hat costume.

A long black wig should worn, or your hair should be messy

If you don’t want to deal with your hair, put on a long, black wig and a wig hat (the frizzier better). If you don’t have a wig, tease your hair by brushing it backwards with a little comb to make it appear unkempt and unruly for the witch cap. The messier better because the idea is to appear as though you just flew in on a broomstick! A very worn-in look, you could even add little sticks or leaves to your hair.

Black nail polish is worn. The colour black adored by all witches

Make your point clear by wearing matching, extremely dark-coloured nails.

Rub coffee grounds on your hands to stain your fingers if you want to achieve the unclean, unkempt witch image. Using white or silver nail polish could even draw little spider webs on your nails match with fancy witch hat . Make your attire further terrifying by filing your artificial nails into long, sharp claws if you have them.

To view the future, look into a crystal ball

Consider the scene from The Wizard of Oz where the Wicked Witch predicts Dorothy’s future. Or in Sleeping Beauty, when Maleficent searches one for Aurora? By bringing out a crystal ball at events or when trick-or-treating can unleash your inner evil witch. It’s not necessary to have a crystal ball! Before leaving, stow a little plastic one you can find at a costume shop and buy modern witch hat  in your purse. Rub your crystal ball slowly while laughing as though you see something genuinely evil when you peek into it.