How To Wear A Witch Hat On Halloween?

If you’re not one for dressing up but still want to enjoy the holidays, all you need is a hat. A simple witch’s hat can transform into a costume. You may purchase the base cheaply and then shop at craft stores for the finishing touches. Five witch hat from that are on point are shared. She provides them with numerous subjects! Find inspiring items by browsing the aisles at Hobby Lobby or Joann’s. Come Halloween night, all you have to do is don your fantastic halloween witch hat before answering the door.

Wonderful Wizard of Oz

You already performed the Wicked Witch of the West act, am I correct? By dressing up as the fairer witch, Glinda in a Glinda-gone-bad outfit can flip this timeless story on head. Grab a puffy pink dress—hint: check out some great buys at your local thrift store or transform a formal dancing dress for the occasion with  witch hat headband. You’ve got a costume if you only add a wand and glittery makeup! Added thought As the Wonderful Wizard himself, go green!

Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling’s universe is again at the forefront of popular culture with the imminent opening of Pottermore. What better Halloween costume than a Hogwarts student witch hat costume to display your house colours? Pick a professor, a Death Eater, Harry, or one of his pals. Earn House Points by defeating opponents in duels or the Sorting mini witch hat.

Mother Nature

For this one, you must visit a craft store. Grab some imitation flowers, leaves, vines fabric paint, and brown or green netting. Before adding the net and fake flowers, paint your modern witch hat  green and allow it completely dry. Put on earthy colours and finish off with a hat! Try attaching safety pins to imitation flowers to decorate a dress for more adorable accents with fancy witch hat.

Disney Diva

Bring some gold or yellow felt and blue fabric paint with you. Let your black witch hat dry after painting it blue, then add yellow stars and moons using craft supplies. When the big day comes, put on a red dress, and finish off your look with the cap. Bring a broomstick and, if you’re feeling very frivolous. Your attire? The Fantastia cartoon The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.


You don’t enjoy dressing up but still want to attend a Halloween party this year, read on. Go to the fabric store! Grab some black netting, tulle, and whatever else takes your fancy (plastic spiders, anyone?). When you get home, grab your glue gun and hat, then start to work decorating that witch’s mainstay. Choose draping and theatrical attire, such a beautiful pillbox that has transformed into a Monster Mash with modern witch hat. You set if you wear it with heels and a glittery LBD. Try it on for size if you have a tiny hat that barely fits your head on hand! Use bobby pins to secure it set as you incline it over your head. Adorbs!